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BLOOD COMMAND FIVE INCHES OF A CAR ACCDENT 10’ Pouze několik měsíců dělí norskou kapelu od jejich prvního koncertu v Bergenu. Jako oheň ve vyprahlé stepi se od té doby šíří Norskem jméno BLOOD COMMAND. S několika nahranými tracky a živými koncerty jako nikdo před nimi nakopali zadek i mnohem zavedenějším kapelám. Je to punk, hardcore, alternativa, při které navíc ještě musíš tančit. Blood Command ti vrátí ztracený pocit, že ještě žiješ. Řezavý, ale seversky melodický dívčí vokál 20ti leté Silie Tombre ti dá něco ilegálního, ale opravdového. It’s just been a couple of months since the Norwegian band from Bergen had their first concert at a local concert scene called Hulen in Bergen, their hometown. Like fire in dry grass the rumor about the band that had found something unique in 2009 was on everybody’s mouth. With tracks and live appearance like no other, the band really kicks some ass and even more established band could learn something here. Already after a short period the band has been praised in different Norwegian media and they have been playing support for bands that are way more established then themselves.  Totally they have been doing 10 concerts so far this year, across the country. “Five Inches Of A Car Accident” is hardcore you both can and should dance to. It explodes in the melodies and the cymbals. The Bergen’s band has so far this year the most charming female vocal.”                                                                                                                 -Urørt jury “With aggressive, punk lines and illegal catchy refrain’s  that gives you the feeling of being alive, the Blood Command has really found the key to success. “                                     - 5/6 Blood Command was started by Yngve Andersen and Sigurd Haukaas in 2008 when they were working as studio musicians together. 20 year old Silje Tombre was brought in to do the vocals and live the band is strengthening with the band Manheads on extra guitar, bass and percussion.         With a common inspiration in artists like PJ Harvey, Swing Kids, At The Drive-In, Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes, the Blood Command has tracks that shows us that the alternative rock isn’t dead and that with pop and a serious raw female vocal in Silje, the band will get far. Blood Command will in 2009 give out a vinyl series consisting of 10’vinyl  based on 3 publications each in their own primary color. “Five Inches Of A Car Accident“ is the first release and it’s  released on Kontrabande Records the  2.june. All music will also be released on iTunes. For the first time the band will go on tour in Europe this fall and the next vinyl is set to come in September.     Check out the new sound from Bergen and Norway :                                                                             

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